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Isa Law knows how difficult it is to lose a loved one due to someone else’s negligence. What’s even more difficult is if the negligence came from big corporations or entities that refuse to take full responsibility for their actions. It is like banging on a concrete wall with your bare fists. No matter how hard you try, it seems like it will take forever before you make a single dent on it. 

Isa Law is tired of seeing individuals fight against corporations that have billions of dollars to spend on their defense team, while they have to exhaust all their resources just to try and get a settlement. This is exactly the reason why Isa Law is committed to giving ordinary Americans the best chance at winning their cases so that large companies can be held accountable for their negligence and malicious actions.

Our law office understands that corporations’ negligence can have a huge toll on the lives of ordinary people. That is why we back our clients every step of the way, fighting down to the wire to make sure that they get the settlement they deserve. While no amount of money can completely make up for your loss, our experienced mass tort attorney is dedicated to making sure that you will be fairly compensated for your pain and suffering.

What are Mass Torts?

A tort is a wrongful act resulting in injury to another person. Therefore, a mass tort is a wrongful act resulting in injury to a large group of people.

Mass tort cases are brought on behalf of dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of plaintiffs who have been injured by using the same or similar defective product. In recent decades, mass tort litigation has become a popular way for many people injured by dangerous products, drugs, or defective medical devices to seek compensation. A number of these mass torts have resulted in multimillion-dollar class action settlements on behalf of the plaintiffs.

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Mass Tort Cases

Many people think that filing a mass tort suit is too expensive or difficult. However, it may be possible to achieve justice through mass tort litigation for injuries caused by an injury-causing drug, defective medical device, dangerous product, or chemical exposure.

No two mass tort cases are identical, and while all require a thorough understanding of the law, different plaintiffs may have drastically different injuries. 

Here are some mass tort cases that Isa Law can help you with:

3M Earplugs

3M, a multinational company headquartered in Minnesota, allegedly sold combat arms earplugs to U.S. military personnel without disclosing the design defect that rendered them ineffective at protecting users from loud noises and preventing hearing loss. If you served in Iraq or Afghanistan and suffered hearing damage as a result, Isa Law can help you fight back against 3M.


Belviq is a drug used to treat obesity and has been the target of many lawsuits in recent years. Belviq was approved by the FDA without long-term safety studies, despite reports that it can potentially lead to fatal lung disease or tumors. If you or someone you love took Belviq as a weight-loss treatment, and as a result, you experienced severe side effects, Isa Law may be able to help.


Elmiron is a drug that treats interstitial cystitis, an inflammation of the bladder. It is also suspected to increase the risk of developing maculopathy in some patients. If you took Elmiron and experienced vision problems, as a result, contact Isa Law to learn more about your legal rights.


JUUL is an electronic cigarette that allows users to inhale nicotine vapor and has been the target of many lawsuits over the past years. It contains an intense concentration of nicotine and has been linked to severe health conditions such as addiction. If you or a loved one experienced health complications because of JUUL, contact Isa Law today to speak with an experienced mass tort lawyer.

Talcum Powder

Talcum powder has been used in cosmetic products for decades and is known to absorb moisture, reduce friction, and prevent rashes. One example of talcum-based powder is Johnson and Johnson’s Baby Powder. If you or a loved one consistently used Johnson and Johnson’s Baby Powder and then developed ovarian cancer, it may be possible to file a claim against Johnson & Johnson for compensation for medical bills and other losses.


Zantac is an antacid available over the counter and by prescription and has been frequently taken by people suffering from heartburn or gastroesophageal reflux disease. Studies have been released in recent years showing a link between Zantac and severe liver disease, liver cancer, testicular cancer, and lung cancer. If you used to take Zantac and developed any of these conditions, contact Isa Law as soon as possible.


Paraquat is a herbicide used to kill weeds and has been the subject of many personal injury lawsuits over the years. Scientists have found that exposure to paraquat may lead to lung damage, kidney failure, Parkinson’s disease, and respiratory tract problems. If you or someone you know has suffered from any of these conditions after using this product, contact Isa Law as soon as possible to speak with a lawyer about your legal options.


Sunscreen is commonly associated with preventing sunburns but has also been linked to causing blood tissue cancers such as leukemia, myeloma, and lymphoma. This is because of a chemical called Benzene, which is found in many of the most popular sunscreen brands. If you or a loved one are currently suffering from any type of cancer caused by Benzene, contact Isa Law today.

Have you been a victim of any of the products mentioned above?

Contact Isa Law to speak with an experienced mass tort lawyer today. We offer free consultations to help you understand your legal rights and fight for the compensation that you deserve. With us by your side, you’ll never have to be afraid of facing your uphill battles alone. No company is too big for us to take on, and no case is too small for us to handle. We will fight for you and your family so you can get the justice that you’ve been longing for.

Our extensive knowledge of the legal system, combined with our understanding of both product liability law and injury claims, makes us uniquely qualified to help you with your case. You can trust us to fight aggressively for your rights and the full value of your claim. We will not stop until justice is served and you receive the right compensation that you deserve.

For more information about mass tort litigation, drug injury lawsuits, and other types of product liability cases, contact our office at (305) 938-0676 today.

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